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Ruth is an RYT 500 instructor having graduated in 2002 from the Integrative Yoga Therapy program at the Prana Studio for Yoga and Health with Hannelore Moebius. Ruth feels lucky to have found yoga in her 30's and loves introducing and sharing the gift of yoga on the mat and off the mat with others. She has taught in many different settings finding that her passion for the physical, philosophical, spiritual and psychological aspects of yoga blend well with her professional work in Student Affairs at UNH. Ruth is energized by the forever evolving journey of living and teaching yoga, exploring and integrating yoga with life, students, family, community and friends.
Rob Barski, RYT200, has been practicing yoga for over 10 years throughout the Seacoast of New Hampshire and abroad. He received his 200 hour level yoga certification from Kripalu and his practice focuses on the equal balance of mind, body and spirit. Rob has strong spiritual background spending a significant part of his life dedicated to the spiritual growth of others and brings this into the practice of yoga. He believes that the practice of yoga stretches into our daily lives and can be the catalyst for powerful spiritual, physical and mental transformation. He spent the better part of a year in Australia learning Hatha and Ashtanga forms of yoga and developed an accompanying meditation practice as well. He will tell you that he grateful to have discovered yoga as it has become the cornerstone with his active lifestyle and continues to shape his spiritual path as well. Rob has a passion for all things “wellness” is Reiki Certified and is also involved in many activities including mountain and road cycling, stand up paddleboarding, hiking and kayaking.
Jen launched Newmarket Mills Yoga in December 2012.  Attracting a yoga studio to the renovated Mill property was part of her original vision. Sitting in the studio space, with its beautiful big windows, warm brick, and great feel, the decision to open Newmarket Mills Yoga became clear. There have been many supporters along the path who have helped to make Mill Yoga a reality.  Jen completed her 200 hour teacher training at Kripalu in November 2016. She enjoys the balance of class that incorporates postures with centering meditation and breathing techniques to draw attention inward and help people to manage anxiety and stress and to enhance physical strength, flexibility and well-being.
Maria Cousins, RYT200, has been practicing yoga for 16 years. She received her 200 hour level yoga certification from Prasada Yoga Center in 2015. She has additional training in teaching yoga to adults with disabilities and trauma sensitive yoga. Maria is on the Board of Directors of SATYA Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action, a local non-profit whose mission is to make yoga available to at-risk and vulnerable populations. Maria is a wife, and mother to two grown daughters, one with a developmental disability, and has the cutest mini labradoodle. She loves to cook new recipes, eat, read, walk and spend time with friends and family. Maria believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to help others be comfortable in their mind and body
through yoga. Maria teaches an accessible yoga class with focus on slow flow asana, utilizing breath and movement, to bring balance and strength to your mind, body and spirit.
Originally from Colombia, Juliana came to the US in 2008 to study photography and English in New York City.

Juliana discovered yoga after regularly attending a Buddhist center in New York, where she practiced meditation. Yoga offered her a way to connect the mind of the meditation and the body. It became a dream of hers to someday go to India to have a genuine yoga experience and get certified as a teacher. Years later, she quit her job and bought a ticket to India and enrolled at Rishikesh Yogpeeth Ashram. At the foothills of the Himalayas, she learned yoga is more than asanas; it is about philosophy, history, energy, love, and ensuring the mind, body, and soul are all connected in harmony.

Juliana brings this universality to her classes. She wants her yoga to help other people find their own happiness and balance. She likes her classes to be fun and meaningful. Each class focuses on balancing the chakras so each asana comes from deep inside.

Juliana has taught in India, Colombia, and New York, before relocating to the Seacoast Area. Now she lives in Eliot, ME. She is a constant student of her surroundings, eager to learn more and gain knowledge and experience wherever she can. She is a passionate photographer, loves dancing to Latin music, and is always happy to help out fellow immigrants. One of her next goals is to be able to offer a yoga class for Spanish-speakers.

Devi Dawn Hamilton, CYT is a Seacoast local! Devi weaves knowledge from many customs and cultures into a groovy flow with her lifelong love of nature to share and celebrate every student! An experienced movement teacher with over 1000 hours of training including reiki, kinesiology and mat pilates, Devi's diverse training includes the discipline of traditional Sivananda, Anusara-inspired Wisdom Flow, Tantra with Shiva Rea and Paul Muller-Ortega, Beautiful Mind Vinyasa with Tom Gillette and yoga therapy with Inner Peace and LifeForce Yoga under Amy Weintraub, Nischala Joy Devi and Durga Cathy O'Neill. Devi lived at ashrams in the Bahamas, California, and Australia where she practiced bhakti yoga, meditation, ayurveda and mastered the art of Yoga Nidra before it was a thing in the US. Devi belongs to the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association, is an ongoing Ayurvedic student with the American Institute of Vedic Studies and is a certified Strategic Life Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Academy. Devi is a lifelong student of human behavior, having studied politics at UNH, worked for a US Congressman and lobbied the halls of Congress for clean oceans. After 18 years, Devi yearned to be back in nature so she backpacked around the world, settling in Hawaii, then came back home to NH to help care for family.

After practicing yoga for many years, Eve began her teacher training in the Anusara tradition and taught yoga in her Potomac, MD studio and offered Yoga for Singers workshops in universities and singing programs in the Washington, DC area. She received her 200-hour teaching certification through YogaLife Institute in Exter, NH and is currently enrolled in their 500-hour training program. “I always felt it easier to connect to my spirit through the body and movement. Yoga is another form of meditation for me, one that quiets my mind and expands my consciousness as my body opens and releases. Carrying my knowledge of asana and meditation ‘off the mat’ has been life-changing for me.”
Carter Siegel, M.Ed., RYT 500, has been certified to teach through Yoga Alliance since 2005. In the years following her certification she has been teaching in private and group settings to people of all ability levels. For Carter, yoga has become much more than a way to stay flexible, strong and centered; it has developed into an integral and influential part of her everyday life. Carter has learned and practiced many styles of yoga including both athletic and gentle. Besides teaching postures, Carter also teaches and facilitates meditation and the philosophy of yogic living. While her yoga foundation is based in the physical and athletic style of Ashtanga, Carter makes it accessible to even the newest yogi through a careful and gentle approach to identifying the needs of each student. 
Sarah Sherman received her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training from Core Power Yoga in San Diego in 2009 and is certified through Yoga Alliance. Sarah had always been athletic and led an athletic lifestyle with exercise and movement being her natural self medication, but she wanted more. She started practicing during a difficult time in her life and found the balance of mind, heart, and body to be a new mandatory part of her day. Sarah has taught in a variety of gyms, studios, parks, breweries, schools, and corporations in California and New Mexico but with a career in mental health and serving under-privileged communities Sarah strives to bring yoga to populations that might not show up to a traditional studio: inner city children, vets, special education students, etc. Her creative flow and experience working with such diverse populations of clients allows Sarah to read her students needs and deliver a class everyone gets something out of. Since moving to NH, when she's not in the outdoors hiking, skiing, and being on the water with her family, she's teaching middle school special education.
Amanda Stanley CHP, CRMT, RYT 500 has been practicing yoga for over 14 years. Having graduated from both 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training's from Erin Ehler's of Yoga on the Hill, Kittery, ME, Amanda sees yoga as an vital and integral part of a happy, healthy & empowered life. Her teaching style is focused on proper alignment with the support of props, longer holds in postures, subtle but powerful movements and concentrated breath work. Amanda also weaves the wonders of yoga into her private practice; Jupiter's Labyrinth, where it's combined with Ayurvedic practices, herbal support and Reiki, offering a broad spectrum of whole health and wellness for her clients & students. Amanda is a Taurus sun sign and a lover of all things food, nature and comfort. When she's not on her yoga mat or in her office you'll find her outside in the woods looking for wild plants, in her own gardens planting, at White Heron Tea sipping on Kashmiri chai with her husband or binge watching Netflix at home with her cat.
Ed “Zeke” Zubrow received his 200 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance in 2015 under Dana Lincoln at Prasada Yoga Center in North Hampton, NH. A former college football coach, he views yoga as a discipline to reduce self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts, and to help us find our truest, best self. Using the physical practice of asanas (forms) we develop strength, flexibility and, most important, the ability to breath effectively and calm the mind. Zeke’s intention is for practice to become a moving meditation, with the yoga mat a haven and place to explore. Zeke is interested in the ways that exploring all aspects of yoga can extend beyond the mat and influence our daily lives and community.
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