Devi Dawn Hamilton

Devi Dawn Hamilton, CYT grew up in Greenland, studied politics at UNH, worked for a US Congressman then lobbied Washington for a cleaner earth. After 18 years, Devi yearned for nature's beauty. She traveled the world and even lived in Hawaii. She is an experienced movement teacher  with over 1000 hours of training including reiki and kinesiology. Her background includes intercollegiate volleyball, pilates and ballet. Devi's diverse training with master teachers includes Sivananda Vedanta Centres, Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, LifeForce Yoga®, Anusara-inspired Wisdom Flow, Tantra with Siva Rea and Paul Muller-Ortega and vinyasa with Tom Gillette. Devi lived at ashrams in the Bahamas, California, and Australia where she practiced bhakti yoga, meditation, ayurveda and mastered the art of yoga nidra. Devi weaves knowledge from many customs and cultures into a groovy flow with her lifelong love of nature to share and celebrate every student! Devi belongs to the International Association of Yoga Therapists, currently attends the American Institute of Vedic Studies to become a clinical ayurvedic specialist and is very close to completing her studies with the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Academy. 

Devi Dawn Hamilton instructs the following:
  • Beginners Class
  • The beginners class is for those who are new to yoga and more experienced practitioners that are looking to deepen their experience with the basics. Basic breathing techniques and poses will be taught in a gentle and welcoming environment.

  • Gentle/Restorative
  • This class begins with a warming of muscles and calming of the mind, with gentle movements and focused breathing. Connecting breath and movement we move through a number of postures, or asanas to invigorate and strengthen our bodies and minds. Modifications for differing abilities are presented. Class concludes with restorative postures for deep relaxation.